Seasonal Exterior Program

Whether it crawls, flies, swims, or slithers, pests may be hiding out in your home without you even knowing. Our residential Seasonal Exterior Program gives you the bug-free home you want without the hassle of having exterminators come into your home or having to clear everything out. This program includes:

  • Insect and pest barriers that will keep your home bug-free throughout the year
  • A visit to your property once a month, seven months out of the year
  • A flexible, predetermined payment arrangement option

Our residential Seasonal Exterior Program is perfect for those that have a tight, busy schedule, but still want to keep their home pest-free all year round. A major advantage of this unique program is we do not require you to be home at the time of service. Our professional and highly trained exterminators can make your monthly visit without accessing your home’s interior.

For the most comprehensive exterminating services, and to find out more information about Extreme Exterminating’s residential Seasonal Exterior Program, contact us today.