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Michigan Residential Exterminator

Nobody likes an unwanted guest in their home - especially if it’s creepy, crawly, or dangerous! Extreme Exterminating brings you real solutions to remove your household pests and keep them out. Many bugs and pests bring more than their unwanted presence to your home; pests can do significant damage to your home and property, and in many cases, they can also be the cause of negative health effects for you and your family.

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Seasonal Exterior Program

Our residential Seasonal Exterior Program gives you the bug-free home you want without the hassle of having exterminators come into your home or having to clear out during the process. This program includes multiple visits from us to spray insect and pest barriers that will keep your home bug-free throughout the year. As part of the Seasonal Exterior Program, our exterminators visit your property monthly, seven months out of the year. One major advantage of this program is that your involvement during our visits is not necessary. We can make your monthly visit without accessing the home interior, so you don't even need to be on the premises during service. We can make predetermined payment arrangements as well.

In addition to our Seasonal Exterior Program, we can provide specialized residential treatments and extermination solutions to take care of any current infestation. Our exterminators apply a comprehensive approach with all of our exterminating services, so we can not only remove the problem, but also help you find and correct the source of the issue.

Extreme Exterminating offers the most effective and comprehensive exterminating services in Southern Michigan and Northeastern Indiana. For more information about our residential Seasonal Exterior Program or to find out how we can best solve your residential pest problem, contact us today.