Michigan Residential Exterminator

Nobody likes an unwanted guest in their home - especially if it’s creepy, crawly, or dangerous! Our Extreme Exterminating professionals will eliminate pests from your home and prevent future infestations with our specialized Michigan residential exterminator services.

Pests can do significant damage to your home and property if left untreated. They can also be the cause of negative health effects for you, your family, and your pets, which is why it’s best to call us right away. We provide specialized residential extermination services to take care of any current pest problems and prevent future infestations. Every one of our Michigan residential exterminators use a comprehensive approach with all of our exterminating services. Our experienced teams not only remove the problem, but also help you find and correct the source of the issue.

In addition to treating current infestations, Extreme Exterminating has the expertise to analyze your property and provide preventative treatment options. By implementing our preventative care measures, you can avoid the stress and hassle of a pest-control emergency and rest easy knowing your home is protected. Along with our specialized Michigan residential exterminator services, we also offer a Seasonal Exterior Program. Don’t wait until your home is invaded; stop unwanted visitors before they arrive!

Extreme Exterminating offers the most effective and comprehensive exterminating services in Southern Michigan, Northeastern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio.

We bring you real solutions to remove your household pests and keep them out. For more information about how we can best solve your residential pest problem, contact us today.