Michigan Live Trapping

raccoon in live trap
Small animals on, in, or around your property can cause a number of problems for your family, livestock, pets, and plants, as well as the property itself. Extreme Exterminating's technicians are experienced in live trapping a variety of small animals including but not limited to raccoons, possums, woodchucks, coyote, skunks, and groundhogs. Large rodents like raccoons and possums have been known to enter the walls, crawlspaces, or attics of homes and businesses, destroying property and greatly disturbing habitants of the building in question. Raccoons, possums, and other small foraging and scavenging animals can enter your property in search of food or shelter, often disturbing trash bins, garages, and other areas. These animals, along with coyote, can also be a threat to your livestock or pets.

Live trapping is generally the best solution for removing nuisance animals. The proper baits, trap positioning, and patience are key. If the animal is healthy, a release into a better suited area is the resolution. It is often encouraged that physical alteration to the affected property be made upon removal of the animal; for example, if the animal entered the property through a hole, fixing the affected soffit or fascia. Creating barriers around the base of decks or sheds can also be used to help deter the return of small animals.

Whatever type of critter is pestering your property, Extreme Exterminating can help by providing excellent live trapping services throughout Southern Michigan. Please note, our live trapping services are not available outside of Michigan. Call or contact us today to learn more about our live trapping services or to find out how our exterminators can treat your pest problem.