Of all of the creepy crawly intruders you might find in your home, a spider (or many spiders) can be the most startling. With so many species of spiders, it can be difficult to tell what threats the unwanted guest or guests might bring. Many spiders can bite humans, and some even carry venom which can cause serious illness. On the other hand, some spiders in your home or business may not be a threat to you physically, but are still unwelcome and can cause the property to appear unkept.

Spider-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Local poisonous spiders include the brown recluse and the black widow - bites from both rarely result in death, but immediate medical treatment is necessary.
  • Some other species can bite humans causing only minor swelling and itching.
  • Spiders are often an unsightly and unwelcome guest whether found in a home or business, giving a sense of an unclean or unsanitary space.

Our Spider Extermination Treatment

Our most popular treatment for spiders is our Seasonal Exterior Program, which provides a monthly full exterior application to your home or business. Many other insects can be thwarted by our efforts in this program as well. It is highly convenient, as the customer need not be home and prepay options are available to make billing simple. Adjustments to the program can be made to suit your individual needs.

To learn more about Extreme Exterminating's spider treatment or to schedule service for your home or business, call or contact us today.