Silverfish are one of the oldest and most enduring household pests. Their diet allows them to consume a variety of foods and other things found in human homes and businesses including adhesives, wallpaper, books, clothing, leather, cosmetics, starches, and sugar. They enter the home or commercial building through cracks or gaps in the building including poorly-sealed doors or windows. They are nocturnal, and therefore it can be difficult to know the extent of an infestation without professional help.

Silverfish-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Silverfish do not carry disease or bite humans, but can attract predators such as spiders and cockroaches that do.
  • They destroy property in many forms - will eat anything containing polysaccharides.

Our Silverfish Extermination Treatment

Our treatment for silverfish infestations involves locating and eliminating the source of infestation. Depending on the extent of the infestation, some chemical aerosol treatment may be applied to deal with the silverfish currently present, but the larger issue remains the source. By making strategic adjustments to the environment in and around your home or business, you can stymie the current problem and prevent further or future infestation.

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