Pillbugs, commonly known as rolly pollies, are a nuisance pest. While they look like an insect, they are actually relatives of crustaceans, such as crayfish. They do not do harm to humans or damage to furniture or buildings, but their presence can be unpleasant. Extreme Exterminating has the tools and knowledge to remove and prevent pillbug infestations in your home or commercial building.

Pillbug-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Pillbugs do not harm humans or animals.
  • They do not cause damage to homes, commercial buildings or furniture.
  • Pillbugs usually enter buildings through cracks in foundations or basements, often during rain.

Our Pillbug Extermination Treatment

Our treatment for pillbug infestations typically involves a chemical spray for the interior and exterior of your building. Depending on the nature and extent of the infestation, we may also pursue methods of preventing further infestation by addressing the environmental conditions in and around the building and by repairing any points of entry for the bug. The interior and exterior chemical spray treatment is highly effective against pillbug infestations.

To learn more about our pillbug or rolly polly infestation solutions, call or contact us today.