MothsWhile moths might not be the scariest insect you could find in your home or business, they are certainly unwelcome. The Indian meal moth is the most common type of moth found in agricultural facilities and food storage areas. They feed on grain products and can cause contamination in food storage and processing sites. Other moths you may find in your home or business include clothes moths, which consume fabric or material made from an animal product including wool, silk, fur, and leather.

Moth-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Moths commonly found indoors do not harm humans or carry disease.
  • Indian meal moths or grain moths will infest and consume grain products.
  • Indian meal moths can be difficult to remove and require professional treatment in order to disrupt reproductive processes that would lead to a growing infestation.
  • Clothes moths will destroy fabric in clothing, furniture, and bedding.

Our Moth Extermination Treatment

Our moth treatment addresses both the symptoms and the cause of the infestation. While it may be easy to kill the adult moths you see in or around your food storage area, the larger problem is the ongoing life cycle of the moths on your property. Our expert technicians will find the source of your moth infestation and implement the appropriate environmental changes to keep your food and property safe while eliminating the moths and disrupting their breeding and feeding on your property.

For the most efficient and professional moth extermination services around, call or contact Extreme Exterminating today.