Earwigs are commonly feared because of urban legends that imply that they like to crawl into human ears. However, in reality, an earwig's preferred habitat is in the soil. They often find their way into homes due to human activity or to avoid cold temperatures outside by coming in through cracks in the foundation or gaps in doorways or windows. Earwigs are mainly considered a nuisance pest whose largest threat is their unpleasant appearance.

Earwig-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Earwigs will use defensive pincers when threatened, but are not capable of doing significant damage to human skin.
  • They do not do damage to buildings or furniture, but their presence can be disturbing to guests or customers in your home or business.

Our Earwig Extermination Treatment

Our treatment for earwig infestations typically involves a chemical spray for the interior and exterior of your building. Depending on the nature and extent of the infestation, we may also address methods of preventing further infestation by treating the environmental conditions in and around the building such as high levels of moisture. The interior and exterior chemical spray is the most effective treatment for earwig infestations.

Extreme Exterminating has the necessary experience and knowledge to exterminate and prevent earwig infestation in your home or business. To learn more or schedule service, call or contact us today.