Asian Beetles & Ladybugs

The Asian Lady Beetle is a member of the ladybug family. While many types of ladybugs are now found in the Midwest, the most common household or business intruder is the Asian Lady Beetle. The ladybug enters homes and businesses in the fall, seeking a place to hibernate for the winter. These insects pose only minor threats to your property or health in that their presence may cause increased allergy symptoms and they can leave stains on light surfaces. While they may not directly be harming the inhabitants of your property, they are a nuisance, and they tend to enter a home or business in masses, leading to messy infestations.

Asian Lady Beetle and Ladybug-Related Damage and Health Risks

  • Presence of ladybugs can lead to worsened allergy symptoms.
  • Ladybugs cluster together in corners and on walls, resulting in an unclean appearance in your home or business.
  • They secrete yellow, foul-smelling blood when threatened that can stain light-colored surfaces.

Our Asian Lady Beetle or Ladybug Extermination Treatment

Our treatment for ladybug infestations is an interior and exterior chemical spray. Depending on the nature and extent of the infestation, we may also pursue methods of preventing further infestation by addressing the environmental conditions in and around the building and by repairing any points of entry for the ladybug. The interior and exterior chemical spray treatment is highly effective against ladybug infestations.

If you have questions about our Asian Beetle or ladybug treatment, or if you would like to schedule your treatment, call or contact us today.