Michigan Insect Extermination

dead bugIf you own a home or business, it is inevitable that an insect or two will enter it at some point. However, when a dangerous type of insect or a hoard of insects settle in, it's time to call Extreme Exterminating. Many insects come into homes and businesses to seek food or shelter during the cold season. Depending on the type of insect, the food source they seek can be anything from paper or wood, to your food or you! While many insects are only a nuisance because of their presence and the fact that the sight of them may make some people uncomfortable, others can do serious harm to you, your guests, or your property.

The first step in controlling an insect infestation is to identify the type of insect causing the problem. If you know which kind of insect or bug you are being bothered by now, select it from the list below to learn more about our insect exterminating services for your specific problem.

If you have encountered an insect infestation in your home or business but aren't sure what type of insect, the experts at Extreme Exterminating can help. Our exterminators provide high-quality insect extermination for residents and businesses in Southern Michigan and Northeastern Indiana. If you would like to schedule your pest control service or learn more about our insect exterminating treatments, call or contact us today.