Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been proven to yield the most effective pest control solutions for commercial, agricultural, and industrial properties. IPM begins with an inspection of the property, followed by a system of monitoring and record-keeping, communication with the customer, property and environment modifications, and integrated pest control applications. IPM is the most thorough plan of treatment; our exterminators apply their knowledge of the pests' life cycles, habitats, and behavior to formulate and execute the most effective combination of pest control techniques along with common sense practices to prevent further infestation.
bugIPM is also the least harmful treatment option for the environment and people on site. In agricultural settings, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization notes, "IPM emphasizes the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms." In commercial and industrial settings, IPM offers the most comprehensive plan of action against pest infestations while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all persons on the property.

We work closely with customers who choose our IPM program to monitor and control their pest problem over time. The course of action following inspection depends largely on the facility in question and the type of pest present. Extermination applications including sprays, chemicals, and physical removal of pests may be used in conjunction with measures such as environmental modifications and continuous observation and recording of the problem. The IPM program comes to an end when the customer is completely satisfied with the results and all conditions leading to the infestation have been identified and modified to prevent further issues.

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