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Michigan is home to many species of bugs, rodents, and other small animals. While they all have their place within our ecosystem, they shouldn’t have a place in your home or business. Our exterminators provide professional, highly-effective pest control solutions! Don't wait until your nest, swarm, hive, or group of intruders grows into an even bigger bother; reach out to Extreme Exterminating now for service that keeps your home and business shielded from all unwanted intruders.

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No matter what type of intruder is bugging you, our exterminators have you covered with high-quality pest control solutions. Get started today with a preventative package and routine maintenance for the best safeguard against disease-carrying pests. Call Extreme Exterminating at (517) 278-9922 or contact us online for the best exterminating and pest control services available in Southern Michigan and Northeastern Indiana!